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These are the veg/fruit bags and other products we have for sale at this time. Our range is always expanding. Thank you for shopping with us.

Picture of Veg & Fruit Bags

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Picture of Fruit

Seasonal fruit including; Organic Apples, Plums, Damsons, Rhubarb and Raspberries grown at Huxhams Cross Farm and Shillingford.

Picture of Eggs

Eggs our from our White Leghorn chickens on the farm. 

Picture of Huxhams Homemade

Our amazing team have made all this produce from gluts of foods on the farm. Huxhams Homemade products are handmade in small batches, using biodynamic produce from the farm.

We make our jams, cordials and preserves using organic cider vinegar and 30% less organic raw cane sugar compared to other recipes, allowing the full flavour of the fruit and veg to come through.


You are cordially invited to sample our cordials, relish our relishes, enjoy a sticky situation with our jam and try not to get into a pickle with our pickles. 

Picture of Almond Thief Bakery

A craft bakery based in Dartington, specialising in slow-fermented sourdough hearth loaves.

Picture of Dairy

Dairy products from carefully selected suppliers

Picture of ReRooted

Reinventing how people drink milk. Our dairy-free drinks will always be organic, will always be in returnable, refillable glass bottles and will never come from a cow.

It’s the milkman of the future, and it’s made here, in Totnes!

Please return all glass bottles. 

Picture of Crock and Cole Ferments
A Totnes-based business making small batch, wild fermented products - all of which are live, probiotic wholefoods.  Made with our own produce and that of other organic producers, as local as possible.  All products are vegan.

Picture of Venus Hemp

Products from Hemp grown on the dartington estate and processed locally in small batches

Picture of Store Cupboard

Fantastic products from Huxhams Cross Farm to add to your store - flour, dried beans, jams and more...

Picture of Chicken from Spindle Wood Farm
At Spindle Wood Farm we use regenerative and agroecological practises to raise our livestock. We do not use any chemicals on our farm and our animals are fed organic grain at certain times throughout the year. The animal's presence on the land is one that benefits the land as well as them and ultimately us the consumer. Our animals are given fresh grass daily, they are kept on the move which means the land is grazed, not too much or too little and fertilised at the same time. It is given time to recover and is not depleted, a perfect recipe for soil growth and health. 

We pride ourselves on high animal welfare, while making sure the land and its wild inhabitants are taken care of too. All of these elements go hand in hand in fact. By looking after one, we are looking after them all. 
Picture of Country Cheeses of Totnes

Country Cheeses are a local business determined to champion cheeses made in the UK and more specifically in the South West. 

Picture of Drinks

Organic* Cordials, Juices, teas. All local or ethically Sourced.

*Organic unless otherwise stated.

Picture of Herbs

Organic herbs from Huxhams Cross Farm and our local friends.

Picture of Montreal Style Bagels

Artisan Montreal Style Bagels -  baked in Dartington and made with organic ingredients - A freshly different bagel experience.

Hand rolled, slightly sweet and chewy, boiled in malted water and dipped in lashings of organic seeds. 

Storing your bagels: For a perfect bagel every time, slice, freeze and toast - they can be popped straight into the toaster from the freezer - no need to defrost 

Picture of New Generation Nut Butter

Plant Generation are incredibly proud to have developed a unique process that eliminates anti-nutrients and toxins in nuts and seeds. How? By appropriately germinating, cooking, milling, and, when possible, removing protective layers. The result is a more digestible, flavourful and, most importantly, nutritious food. Welcome to the new generation of bio-activated food. Although they would like to say they  invented these methods, they are not new. The ancient Egyptians, Mayans and Aztecs, for example, prepared their food in a similar way. But sadly, we lost this practice with the rise of modern agriculture. 

Picture of New Products

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Picture of Plants from Huxhams Cross Farm

A small range of plants that we have spare afer our planting finishes. Limited availability, when they are gone they are gone! 


Grown from biodynamic seed using organic compost and raised in our propagation house.  

Picture of Special Offers

From time to time we have gluts of produce, which we offer our customers at a lower price.

Picture of Tamarind Tree

Traditional Indian streetfood packed full of freshness in the heart of Devon 

Picture of Teas and Herbal Infusions

Handmade teas and herbal infusions from small scale independent and local makers.

Picture of Texts and Resources

The Apricot Centre is set up under Regenerative Agriculture principles, runs biodynamically and also has a Wellbeing strand to it's work. Texts and Resources that might be of interest to you, including publications from the team at the Apricot Centre are available here. 

Picture of Trenow Fields

Trenow Fields is a coastal 20-acre farm near Penzance on land owned by the National Trust. They use permaculture and agroforestry principles to grow herbs such as lavender and novel field scale crops such as pulses, beans and grains. The farm is dedicated to essential veggies, salads and culinary herbs and is certified Organic in Conversion by the Soil Association.